ONVIO, an ideal platform for the accountants of the future.

Large platforms such as ONVIO that at an educational and work level provide great benefits for future accountants, there are other educational sites...
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I learn free

Aprendo Libre educational platform: An excellent alternative to increase the educational level of the country.

Currently, there are web platforms such as Aprendo Libre that are constantly installed in educational establishments with the aim of ...
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Solve Mathematics 2 Eso Anaya

Solve Mathematics 2 Eso Anaya: An alternative to measure mathematical knowledge.

It is common for adolescents to create doubts regarding the knowledge acquired, and even more so if it is ...
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moodle centers seville

Moodle Centros Sevilla, venturing into long distance education at a national level.

As in other locations, Moodle Centros Sevilla has ventured into the educational field within this location with the ...
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moodle centers cordoba

Moodle Centros Córdoba as an educational tool that encourages distance education.

Moodle Centros Córdoba is a highly qualified platform that has been implemented throughout the entire town ...
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DataSoft; an incredible proposal for technological inclusion in educational institutions.

As an effective alternative to centralize academic processes, DatoSoft arrives on the market, a web system that allows better management ...
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platform integrates casd

Platform integrates Casd, online study modality.

The Integra Casd platform has reached educational institutions with the aim of promoting the use of technology ...
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Academic PC

Academic PC, an electronic alternative to centralize academic processes in institutions.

As educational institutions have wanted to solve distance education, the creation of Academic PC and the possibility of ...
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Sisnotas.net Package

Sisnotas: The best platform for educational academies.

Sisnotas has been a great tool to contribute to the introduction to the digital world that has originated the evolution of ...
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Blackboard in Colombian institutions: Learn how it works and its benefits when using it.

It is no secret to anyone that with the arrival of the pandemic in the world, institutions were forced to...
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Marta Lopez

Learn more about Marta López

Marta López is a beautiful television collaborator, 1,62 meters tall, who was born on January 14, ...
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Himar Gonzalez

Learn more about Himar González

It is about the multifaceted meteorologist of Antena 3, Himar González. Born June 1, 1976 in Las...
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Jairo alonso

Who is Jairo Alonso?

Jairo Alonso is a man born and raised in Madrid, who began his professional life working as a stylist and hairdresser...
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Sandra blow

Who is Sandra Golpe?

Sandra Coup Cantalejo is a journalist of Spanish origin, who was born on June 19, 1974 in San ...
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Isabel Rabago

Know everything about Isabel Rábago

Her full name is María Isabel Rábago Ríos, she is a journalist and contributor to Spanish television. She was born in Ferror,...
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Laura Matamoros

Learn more about Laura Matamoros

Laura Matamoros Flores is a Spanish reality show contestant and collaborator, as well as a renowned model and businesswoman...
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Andrea Levy

Meet Andrea Levy

Andrea Levy Soler is a lawyer and politician of Spanish descent, belonging to the Spanish Popular Party. She was born in Barcelona on...
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Sonsoles Onega

Sonsoles Onega

Sonsoles Ónega Salcedo is a journalist, television presenter and writer of Spanish origin. Which was born in Madrid, the...
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Esperanza Aguirre: A lady at the service of politics

Her full name is Esperanza Aguirre Gil de Biedma, she was born on January 3, 1952, in the city of...
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Kiko Hernandez

Learn more about Kiko Hernández

Kiko Hernández is known artistically for being a television collaborator and presenter of Spanish origin. Also, he is known for...
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Lucía Dominguín

Who is Lucía Dominguín?

Lucía Dominguín is a Spanish businesswoman and actress, member of a famous saga of internationally recognized Basque performers. A ...
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Patricia Montero

Who is Patricia Montero?

Patricia is a young woman who works as a professional model and actress on different renowned Spanish television channels...
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rafa mora

Learn more about Rafa Mora

Rafa Mora is a character who, before reaching the eye of the cameras, was a police officer in the Valencian territory. But, ...
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Alexandra Rubio

Do you want to know more about Alejandra Rubio?

Alejandra Rubio is a young artist, model and presenter who was born in Spain in the year 2000. Currently...
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Charlotte Boza

Who is Carlota Boza?

Carlota is a young woman of very young age who has a notable trajectory in her career which lies in...
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Carlota Corredera

Learn more about Carlota Corredera

Her full name is Elisa Carlota Corredera Llauger, better known as Carlota Corredera. She is a TV presenter, director, collaborator...
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silvia pantoja

Meet Silvia Pantoja

Silvia Pantoja is artistically known by the name of Sylvia Pantoja, and is characterized by being a famous singer and ...
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Yolanda Ramos

Who is Yolanda Ramos?

Yolanda Ramos is an actress, presenter and humorist Vedette of Spanish origin, known for her multiple appearances on TV shows.
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Dani Martínez

Learn more about Dani Martínez

His full name is Daniel Martínez Villadangos, he was born on December 25, 1982 in the city of Astorga, ...
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Susana Griso

All about Susana Griso

Lady Griso is a well-known character in the public sphere who stands out as a presenter on Spanish television...
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